Thursday, September 10, 2015

Because Yellow

Labor Day weekend proved to be both restful and busy at the same time. Oxymoronic I know. After the bridal shower for my BFF on Saturday Justin and I laid around all day Sunday excepting a quick run to the coffee shop. Have I mentioned we've been trying to cut back on paying for coffee? You see we steal it now... No just kidding we don't but we don't indulge as much as we used to. I would like to attribute this to my iron-will however I think it is mostly because caffeine has been mAking my heart beat out of my chest as of late. We have our coffee trips down to about once or twice a week which is far better than once or twice a day. Mmm decaf. 

Monday brought with it a birthday party in the park for a certain four year old boy. Temperatures were in the high seventies-low eighties so we basked in the sun and played some ultimate frisbee (or in my case just ran from one end of the field to the other trying to figure out whose team I was on. 

After that Justin's parents treated us to pizza which was amazing because Justin and I are both hungry hungry hippos. Let me tell you how nice it is to have future in-laws that are awesome. *sigh. I won the lottery with Justin they are just the icing on the lottery. Which if you know me you know I like icing! 

Here are a couple photos from the weekend. I wore my yellow pants to say adios to summer even though part of me is not quite ready to let it slip away. 
Here we are trying to master self portraits 
Here I am trying to figure out how to set the timer camera 
Yay yellow 
A perfect match :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Justin Pettigrew

Ever since the tragic loss of one Mr. Bubble butt's big toe nail he has (rightly so) been a bit self conscious. I have trouble with toes but toes without toenails are extraordinarily frightening. The following conversation transpired this morning:

Me: you know last night at the bridal shower we talked a lot about you. The girls asked me what you were doing and I told them eating Los Betos.  We wished you would have come. 

Justin: And watch chick flicks? Those are horrible. 

Me: whatever you love them. But you could have done pedicures too. 

Justin: like you would want my toe anywhere near you, you hate it. 

Me: That's not true. If you were to spontaneously combust and every piece of you were gone except your toe I would pick it up and put it in my pocket. 

Justin: you would pick it up with tongs and put it in a bag and put it in your pocket. 

Me: No I would use my hands. Then when I got home I would draw a smiley face on it and set it on my nightstand. 

There is something terribly wrong with that conversation... If justin spontaneously combusted excepting his big toe I should have immediately suspected a Peter Pettigrew type scenario. Obviously he would be performing a bit of complex magic to attempt to escape my grasp before he would ever just spontaneously combust no matter HOW much Los Betos he ate. Duh. 

Friday, September 4, 2015


I think there is a reason why football is called football. See the creators of the game knew that one day a certain man would exist. This man would find a girlfriend, nay a fiancé, who enjoys a good foot rub when she is offered one (Not from strangers though that would be weird since I don't have a foot fetish. Now spanking... That's another story).
Speaking of which I may or may not have accidentally messaged a co-worker this today *sigh

Back to my football story. Fortunately Justin still has the superstition he had last year regarding the whole 'I better massage Malina's feet so we can win this feetball game,' situation. So here I am on this lovely Friday eve preceding Labor Day weekend. A thunderstorm is a brewing accompanied by some much needed rain to quell the remaining fires. Feet+football+Friday+Fall=Fantastic