Wednesday, August 24, 2016

To the Windows

For one of the job sites I work I have closing duties. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering all of the closing duties because I am so excited to get off work mostly to eat, but sort of to see Justin too. You know much of a hopeless romantic I am. Well with Justin at least there is lots of hope considering we are to be wed. 

I decided to use this familiar song as a helpful tune in remembering what to do... 

'To the Window!' (I close the blinds)
'To the Wall,' (I fill the printer on the wall) 
'Til the Sweat drips down ma' balls,' (I just gyrate here when no one is looking) 
"House keep keep mothafucka house keep keep," (I empty my shred bin) 

Then it's time to go eat and I get super happy. End. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lake Anthony

So I intended to post some of these photos from while I was away on business but never got around to it. So what better time than now?

This place was freaking gorgeous. Justin and I used it to inspire our upcoming vacation for which I am SO looking forward to. I love going new places with that man because he is full of wonder and it is beautiful to watch as he absorbs his surroundings. So stay tuned because in about a month we'll be on a lovely vacation and I might share photos. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Grumpy Bear

Sometimes Justin gets hangry. I feel I've mentioned this before. Regardless of any aforementionings I'm mentioning it again. Because it is Saturday morning and I'm awaiting a phone call. So rather than sit and twiddle my thumbs I'll be somewhat (not really) productive and pen a blog. With my phone. Not an actual pen. Because technology. 

I was messaging Lacy the other evening which is a thing now because she is my work wife and there rarely goes a day where we don't text. :) Anyway Justin was feeling pretty hangry so I was trying to depict his demeanor via text which is nearly impossible. So I found some photos. 

On our way home we drive about an hour in traffic on a car-laden freeway. Bumper to bumper can really trigger one's emotions. Coupled with hungry? Justin is usually like this before we cook and eat dinner:

This is him during:

And this is him after:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Paint Nite

Justin and I like to do different things from time to time. We decided to put on our creative hats and head to paint nite with some friends. 

We arrived at a swanky restaurant at "The Village," that at least we consider swanky because we eat like wolverines and rarely show our faces in sit down restaurants. Fortunately the 20 or so of us who had purchased a paint nite voucher were seated in a closed off room. I proceeded to order sushi loudly while our instructor explained our different paint brushes; large one- Chris Hemsworth, medium one- Jennifer Lawrence and small one Justin Bieber. 

I was starving so naturally I wolfed down my sushi in a flash. The only problem was that I've recently gotten braces on so my mouth was pretty much seaweed. I spent the last hour or so trying to suck the chunks of food from my braces and apparently it worked because this photo.


A couple of things. One; moments before this was snapped I timbered backwards through the banner behind us which is why my friend is laughing so hard. I honestly thought it was a solid wall. Nope. And this photo was taken in the middle of the aforementioned swanky restaurant right in front of snooty patrons who don't tumble backwards into anything ever. Secondly you may have noticed something off with Justin's painting. I assure you it is a submarine. I also assure you also that he will not turn into Hitler Junior despite his... abstract-esque painting.... attempt? 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Back in Town

The Saturdays immediately following my out of town work trips are typically followed by some R&R since I'm a tad of an introvert and need to catch up on me time at home since I was just forced into me time at a strange hotel. Not this Saturday. This Saturday was filled with activities :) 

We had one of our usual get togethers with our friends this evening. It's nice to chase the last days of summer. It feels like tomorrow they will be gone. Time really does fly, and life changes as it passes by. It is interesting to notice the subtle or sometimes gargantuan elements of our lives that ebb and flow with the changing of the tides. 

There are friendships that have stood the test of time, there are the toxic people we had to cut from our hearts-be them blood or otherwise, there are the moments when we achieve significant things we never thought possible, there are the breaking points, the rock bottoms, the hurt and painful times, there's the falling in love, there's the sunrises, there's the laughing until it hurts, the healing, there's the building of trust, the tearing it down, but it is life. And it is great. 

See what happens when I miss my R&R? I get all weird. Here are some photos from our get together to break up the strangeness of my blog post

Friday, August 5, 2016


Absence makes the heart grow fonder :) At least that is the case for Justin and me. Swoon; feel free to skip this post if you're feeling slightly vomitty from romantics. 

I got home today from my work trip only to discover not one but two bouquets of flowers and some gifts from my man. 

He knows me so well. Draco, Snape and "Howl's Moving Castle," the book?! I'm spoiled it's true. As much as I'd love to burrow into a blanket fort this weekend snuggled up to a certain big-butted man alas, I have many exciting things on the horizon. 

I'm truly fortunate to have such a loving individual however. And It's great to be home. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

I've Been Away Awhile

Yes I've disappeared again. I was recently asked why I write on a blog. While I came up with a half a dozen reasons on the spot; over analytical me eventually got self-conscious and fell off the face of the planet of written words. 

I blog because I blog because I blog to blog. Blog. BLOG. 

I'm back. There's no telling how long I'll stick around again. I'm beginning to feel like a boomerang who is off kilter. 

Currently I'm away on business. I'm in one of my favorite towns; Baker City, Oregon. You remember the one with the cat in the store. How could you forget? (I link the prior exhilarating blogs once I have Internet access from my laptop.) 
Terrible photo-kitty was grumpy. 

Today is our last day here. It has been a long journey but a good one. 

The following interaction transpired:

Me to patient: how are you today

Patient: better than the guy that got killed

Me:... Oh (secretly wondering if I am about to be murdered-- this must be why there is a razor blade in the drawer. Self defense) 

Patient: yeah that's what he gets for driving too fast. No seat belt. Sunroof open. Blood everywhere

Me: oh my gosh I'm so sorry how terrifying did you see it happen?

Patient: no saw the after effects. Looks like it was quick 

Me: (thinking) fucking hell how is this casual talk 

Then her husband comes in and teaches me to fence with my arm. Like keeps saying en guard! And coming at me. And I'm like stop coming at me bro.
Luckily I survived. I'm still trying to figure out how. I felt like I was in Game of Thrones dueling 'til the death. But here I am. And I am writing a blog about it. Because I blog.