Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Paint Nite

Justin and I like to do different things from time to time. We decided to put on our creative hats and head to paint nite with some friends. 

We arrived at a swanky restaurant at "The Village," that at least we consider swanky because we eat like wolverines and rarely show our faces in sit down restaurants. Fortunately the 20 or so of us who had purchased a paint nite voucher were seated in a closed off room. I proceeded to order sushi loudly while our instructor explained our different paint brushes; large one- Chris Hemsworth, medium one- Jennifer Lawrence and small one Justin Bieber. 

I was starving so naturally I wolfed down my sushi in a flash. The only problem was that I've recently gotten braces on so my mouth was pretty much seaweed. I spent the last hour or so trying to suck the chunks of food from my braces and apparently it worked because this photo.


A couple of things. One; moments before this was snapped I timbered backwards through the banner behind us which is why my friend is laughing so hard. I honestly thought it was a solid wall. Nope. And this photo was taken in the middle of the aforementioned swanky restaurant right in front of snooty patrons who don't tumble backwards into anything ever. Secondly you may have noticed something off with Justin's painting. I assure you it is a submarine. I also assure you also that he will not turn into Hitler Junior despite his... abstract-esque painting.... attempt? 

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