Thursday, August 29, 2013

Binging and Purging the Healthy Kind?

School is certainly in full swing. I feel so immersed in my 24 + hours of classes a week it is as though I barely have time to breathe. I stopped by Whole Foods between classes this afternoon to grab lunch in my twenty minutes of free time. Naturally I went directly to the bakery to find me a cupcake. I patiently waited for the woman in front of me to finish getting her bread. I did not break my penetrating death stare upon the solo vegan cupcake whilst I was frothing at the mouth. The baker asked what I wanted and before I could respond Mrs. Bread decided to order some cupcakes. She ordered pretty much one of everything… including the very last vegan cupcake. It was as if my world came crashing in.  

I moped over to the deli section and selected a very boring quinoa salad and some fresh squeezed orange juice. When I got to the check-out line I could not help but word vomit the fact that my cupcake had been robbed from me. The man seemed genuinely concerned that I might be a harm to myself or others based on the events that had transpired. He told me that there was a vegan doughnut in the cafĂ© and that if I went to grab it he would buy it… long story short

I tired to decline two or three times but alas, I ended up with the free doughnut. FYI they are only $2 normally pretty sure I will be getting those from time to time... or every day

 It totally was like all my doughnut dreams came true from the other day. Anyway the rest of my day was totally set in a positive state. Funny how a little gesture from a complete stranger made me feel spectacular. I got home from class, cleaned out my car, cleaned out both of my closets, donated two garbage bags full of clothes to charity, ran two huge duffle bags full of clothes to the consignment shop, scrubbed my kitchen, reorganized all the cabinets, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathroom…  I wonder if there was crack in that doughnut??? Regardless, it feels great to be rid of clutter. Especially since Justin and I are in the studio apartment with limited space.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cookie Monster

I had to get a CT scan done today. Have you ever had one of those? You know they tell you not eat after midnight the night prior then they stick you in this donut shaped contraption for like thirty minutes. All I could do was imagine eating donuts. I am pretty sure that is part of the cruel tricks they play on their patients.

It is always quite traumatic for me when I am deprived of food; even if it is only temporarily. Seriously I could be told not to eat for a couple of hours and I mentally break down. Perhaps I was a feral cat in a previous life??? Last night, after making a mental note that I was not allowed to eat anything beyond midnight, I reluctantly fell asleep with the package of cookies I had purchased earlier in the day in the forefront of my mind. I had night mares all night long (weird I later met Freddie Krueger, don't mind my jumbled post order) about eating the package of cookies and having to reschedule my CT scan. Quite terrifying (not really but you know how in the heat of the moment every day trials and tribulations night mares are always worse than they seem).

I realized before I left this morning that someone, I’m not pointing fingers here, got into the cookies last night. So I guess if the results of my CT scan come back inconclusive I can blame the cookies. That or they might think I have some kind of killer tumor that is really just a pile of cookies trying to sully my insides.

After my appointment I headed to a lunch date with one of my bestest (yes that is a word) friends. We went to lunch (thank goodness) and I stuffed my face. Then I came home and ate like fifteen cookies. 
What? Do I have something in my teeth? I really am getting a knack for this self portrait thing.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I Met Freddy Krueger Today

Well… today marked my first day of fall semester. I gave myself what I thought was plenty of time to arrive on campus and make it to my classroom. Unfortunately I forgot that like 90% of students choose to attend class during the first week, and thus the traffic is quite treacherous. I parked as quickly as I could; leaving around three minutes to get about a half a mile’s walk to our designated classroom. I consulted a screen shot of my schedule (including classroom buildings and numbers) I had taken months ago on my phone to make sure I was headed to the proper room. Unfortunately the screen shot was, much to my surprise, outdated.

I burst ferociously into the classroom (about four or so minutes late) and proceeded to drop my keys and pens on the floor right inside the door. I frantically picked everything up then noticed the professor was not who I was expecting to see. I stood up and did what any eloquent American would do and said loudly, “ummmmm.” It caused the lecturer to stop what he was saying and stare at me. I mumbled something about being in the wrong room and then backed out of the class.

Fortunately in this day and age, we have technology at our finger tips and I was able to log on to my phone and see that indeed our classroom had changed… to a room clear across campus. I speed-walked to my destination and arrived about ten minutes after class had started. I was met with a smile from my favorite professor thankfully. I then selected what appeared to be the only seat left in the room, right next to this boy who had fingernails longer than Freddy Krueger’s. I thought about asking him to scratch that spot in the middle of my back which I can never quite reach but decided against it.

In other news I quit caffeine like two weeks ago… This is what I am currently indulging in; yes a bucket sized energy drink.
It went well with my coffee yesterday, and the day before and the day before. So I guess what I really mean to say is… I tried to quite caffeine but looks like I stepped up my game when the idea of never enjoying my drug of choice again terrified me.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

At last I am facing the final Sunday before fall semester in my undergrad year, or so it seems. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to stay afloat in the midst of the eighteen credits I’m currently enrolled in. If not my graduation date will push back… but I have hope.

I began my college career ten years ago. I never imagined it would take this long to complete but that is life. I had an approximate five year hiatus somewhere in the middle of it all. There was not a day that went by during that time that I did not long to return to school. I always found excuses not to go back. Finally a few years ago I was on a Sunday walk with a dear friend of mine who blatantly asked what the hell I was doing with my life. Thanks to her question and encouragement I am writing this here and now.

It is never too late to pursue your dreams. Time passes always; make the best of it. Chase your dreams because you can. Chase your dreams because they are your dreams. Chase your dreams because you deserve to be happy.
My happy place. I visit this spot every year the day before school starts and like 50 more times per year.

What is this? I want one! I want to hug it!