Sunday, August 18, 2013

Totally Random Conversation the Other Day

This occurred shortly after my run in with the tater tots the other day. I wrote out the conversation right after it happened and forgot to post it. I feel it is necessary to put this out into the universe just in case a particular really depressed fast food restaurant worker ever reads this blog.

Me: I was on my way to yoga, and now I have tater tots instead.

Roxy: Yeah, well, I am at Wendy’s… This is why we are such great friends.

Me: Great minds think alike! So the girl that helped me looked really depressed. I felt like I needed to hide the razor blades. Also I’m not sure if this was related to her depression at all, but she had really red hands. It looked like she colored them with red marker.

Roxy: Hmm…

Me: Yeah, I seriously considered telling her that I ‘caught her red handed’ but I thought maybe she would get mad.

Roxy: She probably would have slapped you, and left a red hand print on your face.

Me: Ya then I could be like Wilson from that one movie with Tom Hanks.

I realize that this conversation is so pointless... But most of the things I put on this blog are pointless. And it never hurts to be reminded of the cinematic brilliance that was "Castaway," at least I think that movie was great... I barely remember it. Didn't Wilson win best supporting actor or some shit? If he didn't he totally should have.

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