Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fashionable Friday…? Fashionably Late

Conversation I had with my friend the other day… we will call her Roxy.

Roxy: Remember that time when I spilled hot chocolate all over the front of your brand new lightly colored jeans

Me: Yes and it looked like I shit myself

Roxy: Only in the front

Me: Well our jeans were so tight back in those days it would have had to made its way to the front of my 
pants anyway… its called aerodynamics or something like that.

Roxy: That makes perfect sense. I am so glad we don’t wear pants that tight anymore.

Me: Me too, remember how we used to have to do lunges to get them on?

Roxy: Yes... I like to be able to breathe and sit, so I don’t wear my jeans that tight anymore.
Me: Me either… thank you for staining my new jeans and saving me from myself.

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