Thursday, August 29, 2013

Binging and Purging the Healthy Kind?

School is certainly in full swing. I feel so immersed in my 24 + hours of classes a week it is as though I barely have time to breathe. I stopped by Whole Foods between classes this afternoon to grab lunch in my twenty minutes of free time. Naturally I went directly to the bakery to find me a cupcake. I patiently waited for the woman in front of me to finish getting her bread. I did not break my penetrating death stare upon the solo vegan cupcake whilst I was frothing at the mouth. The baker asked what I wanted and before I could respond Mrs. Bread decided to order some cupcakes. She ordered pretty much one of everything… including the very last vegan cupcake. It was as if my world came crashing in.  

I moped over to the deli section and selected a very boring quinoa salad and some fresh squeezed orange juice. When I got to the check-out line I could not help but word vomit the fact that my cupcake had been robbed from me. The man seemed genuinely concerned that I might be a harm to myself or others based on the events that had transpired. He told me that there was a vegan doughnut in the cafĂ© and that if I went to grab it he would buy it… long story short

I tired to decline two or three times but alas, I ended up with the free doughnut. FYI they are only $2 normally pretty sure I will be getting those from time to time... or every day

 It totally was like all my doughnut dreams came true from the other day. Anyway the rest of my day was totally set in a positive state. Funny how a little gesture from a complete stranger made me feel spectacular. I got home from class, cleaned out my car, cleaned out both of my closets, donated two garbage bags full of clothes to charity, ran two huge duffle bags full of clothes to the consignment shop, scrubbed my kitchen, reorganized all the cabinets, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathroom…  I wonder if there was crack in that doughnut??? Regardless, it feels great to be rid of clutter. Especially since Justin and I are in the studio apartment with limited space.

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