Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feeling Hampered

The other night Justin was getting ready to come home from his parents. I was in a mood so I decided to hide in the hamper with a blanket over my head until he got home. I prematurely positioned myself into hiding. A few minutes passed and I began to drip sweat. I took the blanket off my head and called to find out where he was. He said he was still on his way and he would be there soon. Approximately twenty minutes elapsed and both of my legs were numb. I tried to get out of the hamper but I was stuck. At long last I heard the familiar noise of his key in the deadbolt. I covered my head and hid. He found me within about a minute (totally not a good hiding spot). I then was subjected to his incessant making fun of me while I sat there helpless and begging for my freedom. He tried to lift me by the arms, and failed miserably. Ultimately he had to tip me on my side and shake the hamper furiously to release me.
After I had been discovered, awaiting my sweet release

Last night I came out of the bathroom and noticed that Justin was not in bed, where he had been. I looked over towards the hamper and this is what I saw…

Not as inconspicuous as my hiding place. Of course I suppose only some are blessed with the capability of hiding at a professional level like myself.

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