Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Buckle up for Safety

I went and visited a dear friend of mine today. We sat and talked outside amidst the grey mist which has stolen over our humble city. Some may say it is from the fire surrounding us, I however, happen to think the dementors are in town. We sat and talked about healthy relationships and discussed a bit about vegan food (she is my only vegan friend in town). I glanced at the clock on my phone and realized if I wanted to make the 4:00 pm yoga class I had to leave immediately. Before my departure she so kindly bestowed upon me the gift of some fresh veggies from her garden.

I was innocently driving home and envisioning grabbing my yoga attire and mat and heading to the studio. I am not sure what possessed me, but soon this evil dark infiltrated my being and forced me to drive straight to a fast food restaurant and order tater tots *sigh. I was sitting in my car getting ready to pull out from said fast food place when I picked up and examined the eggplant and green pepper that had previously been given to me. I did not want them to fly around while I was driving so I buckled them into the passenger seat haphazardly. Then I plunged my hand into the brown sack containing greasy goodness and produced a fist full of tater tots and grease and shoved the whole handful in to my mouth. I was trying to lick my fingers off when I noticed that there was a cop sitting in the next parking lot over staring at me… I sat staring blankly back for a few moments before deciding I had better get lost before he found an excuse to pull me over.

Sir, if you are reading this, I am not crazy (just nearly always sometimes). I do not often buckle vegetables in for safety. I do not often eat tater tots by the handful (though I wish I could). I was just ravenous. After all, the only thing I had to eat today was toast… and chips and salsa… and applesauce… and pickles… and pita with bean dip…  

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