Monday, August 26, 2013

I Met Freddy Krueger Today

Well… today marked my first day of fall semester. I gave myself what I thought was plenty of time to arrive on campus and make it to my classroom. Unfortunately I forgot that like 90% of students choose to attend class during the first week, and thus the traffic is quite treacherous. I parked as quickly as I could; leaving around three minutes to get about a half a mile’s walk to our designated classroom. I consulted a screen shot of my schedule (including classroom buildings and numbers) I had taken months ago on my phone to make sure I was headed to the proper room. Unfortunately the screen shot was, much to my surprise, outdated.

I burst ferociously into the classroom (about four or so minutes late) and proceeded to drop my keys and pens on the floor right inside the door. I frantically picked everything up then noticed the professor was not who I was expecting to see. I stood up and did what any eloquent American would do and said loudly, “ummmmm.” It caused the lecturer to stop what he was saying and stare at me. I mumbled something about being in the wrong room and then backed out of the class.

Fortunately in this day and age, we have technology at our finger tips and I was able to log on to my phone and see that indeed our classroom had changed… to a room clear across campus. I speed-walked to my destination and arrived about ten minutes after class had started. I was met with a smile from my favorite professor thankfully. I then selected what appeared to be the only seat left in the room, right next to this boy who had fingernails longer than Freddy Krueger’s. I thought about asking him to scratch that spot in the middle of my back which I can never quite reach but decided against it.

In other news I quit caffeine like two weeks ago… This is what I am currently indulging in; yes a bucket sized energy drink.
It went well with my coffee yesterday, and the day before and the day before. So I guess what I really mean to say is… I tried to quite caffeine but looks like I stepped up my game when the idea of never enjoying my drug of choice again terrified me.

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