Friday, August 2, 2013

Fashionable Friday?

I am a big fan of receiving snail mail… aside from bills that is. There are a collection of people that I still write letters to from time to time; perhaps just to feel the nostalgia of simpler times. Every once in a blue moon my mom sends me a package. The packages contain anything from individually wrapped mustard packs to a one hundred dollar bill hidden inside of home-made rice crispy treats (pre vegan time), which I nearly tossed. The other day I was excited to find a random box from her in my mail. Much to my delight I thumbed through the items; a magnet, an elephant pen, pictures of my niece and… a shirt.
My mom typically does not buy clothing for me. I am guessing that she purchased this little beauty for my niece but it was too small and too big for her. Yes you heard me correctly.. Too small and too big. Let me demonstrate a few things for you…
The dark blue shirt is what my mom sent. I have placed it on top of the bright blue shirt which is my regular size extra small...
I can get it on surprisingly.. (Forgive the messy box in the background)
And it turns out that it is HUGE!!!

If you need me I will be busy trying to catch some dudes with my new threads. Except not really because Justin would probably hate me. But this shirt makes it so that I could go find a new dude if necessary... Be warned Justin, be warned.


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