Thursday, August 1, 2013

Foot Fetish

The guy who kept picking his fingernails, nose and toenails came back to my work the other day. He sat in the chair positioned right next to my desk… I am still trying to figure out why that chair is there. It is reminds me of a chair that is next to a nurse’s station so that the nurse can sit while taking a patients vitals.
Anyway so Mr. Picker kept staring at my feet. I kept wondering if maybe my shoes were on the wrong feet like Friday, however I think it is nearly impossible for someone to wear flip flops on the wrong feet. I later confirmed they were on properly. I persisted to try to curl my toes under without trying to make it seem like I was trying to curl them under. Like maybe there was a stray sticky note under my toes and I was trying to grab it? I am pretty sure this just made him stare more… 
I consulted a friend of mine at a neighboring office to see what she would have to say. For privacy reasons concerning both Mr. Picker and my friend I have omitted names and dates. Don’t mind the way we constantly use improper English.

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  1. Seriously laughing out loud... I love reading your blog it always brightens mes day!