Friday, July 26, 2013

Fashionable Friday...?

I should have known to stay in bed today after the morning I had.

Yesterday I searched various “bun” styles on pintrest. I was surprised at how easy they all seemed and made a mental note of the three to five “simple” steps that it took to complete the chic styles I had selected. Well this morning was a race against time. I couldn’t help but to think about what a perfect coincidence it was that I had put in the effort to learn such fashionable hair styles the night before. The universe was in my corner for once. Well fifteen minutes and eight tries later this is what I ended up with. 
I know my face resembles Gollum... or perhaps Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter. I need to learn how to work Instagram to my favor. It looked a little less harsh in black and white. Anyway I am not one for self-portraits so who cares.

This is what it was supposed to be.. I am reminded of the pinterest fail websites I have seen *sigh
I’m not sure what wrong turn I took with this damn hair style but apparently I spruced it up a bit and gave myself some bangs. As much as I would have loved to step into work adorned in this attractive piece of craftsmanship I’m pretty sure they would have sent me packing. 

After that debacle I kept thinking about how sore my feet were. I rarely have worn the shoes that I had selected to wear today, since they have slightly pointed toes. I just can't rock pointed toed shoes like some girls can (you know like witches... and Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City"). Then halfway through my work day I realized something else was amiss.
Wrong damn feet... Doesn't look like it too much; hence why I was so confused. Or maybe it is obvious???

Much better!
After today I have come to the conclusion that I never learned how to dress and groom myself properly. I'm also pretty sure that I am never going to look at pinterest again because it makes me feel like a fool, I couldn't even make a bun... The End! : ) 

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