Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Simple Pleasures and Hidden Treasures

Once upon a time I ordered a used copy of book three of The Harry Potter series from an online book chain. While reading it, I thought it was odd that the cover art was different than the other books I had purchased in the series. Also, absent were the illustrations that typically accompanied the beginning of each chapter. Lastly I noticed there were some blatant typos within the text. I did some research and realized that what I held in my hot little hand was no ordinary Harry Potter book… It was a first edition Canadian issue. While I would venture to guess that it is worth well over the $1.99 + shipping I paid for it; I doubt I will ever sell it owing to my love of everything associated with the dark arts and He Who Must Not Be Named (just kidding). 
            This summer I have been busy re-reading the series. I am nearly done with book two and in order to preserve the little treasure that is my book three, I went on a hunt today looking for a used copy book three. I searched online for used book stores in the area before venturing out into the heat. I had the pleasure of visiting Rainbow Books and Hyde Park Bookstore. While I was unable to find the Harry Potter book I needed, I was able to bask in the all too familiar smell of old pages. I spent a lot of time perusing the shelves; especially the classics section. While I did not walk away with any purchases today, I definitely am looking forward to returning when I have some more time. I can completely envision how perfect it would be on a rainy fall Saturday morning, coffee in hand (pumpkin spice latte?), to plop down and explore the seemingly endless shelves full of old tattered books.  
Does not even begin to encompass what I saw today

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