Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feline Cop

Me: I would not want to be a cop.

Justin: Me either.

Me: I would be way too nice, and I would never meet any quotas.

Justin: Yes I just think it would be dangerous.

Me: And then I would pull people over and I would be like 'sir, you shouldn't speed... I am issuing your 27th warning.'

Justin: And you would probably talk about cats

Me: Yes I would be like pick a pocket, back left, back right, front left, or front right...

Justin: Then you would be at the vegan donut shop all day.

Me: Yes donuts would be wonderful. But when they picked a pocket they would get a picture of a narwhal, cat, elephant or owl depending on which pocket they picked.

Justin: Yes and people would just drive by going 100 mph and you would be like 'my mouth is too full of donut to chase you.'

Me: Yes and then all the criminals would figure out I like cats and so they would all have cats in their cars for me to pet in case I caught them doing something terribly wrong. Then they would be like 'if you don't arrest me you can pet this cat.' And every time I would be like, 'okay fine,' while eating donuts and petting cats.

The caption on this photo was "diabeetus cat graduates from cop school"  I don't know who the diabeetus cat is, but I like her. Photo Credit:

Collection of Cats

Things are truly coming together at our new casa. Soon the time will come when we run out of fix-it projects and start getting cats... lots and lots of cats. And the best part about cats?

Photo Credit: Imgur

I aspire to have as many cats as there are Harry Potter characters because then I can dress them all up as their namesakes and role play all day long. This is totally normal behavior no matter who you are. I don't care how tired I am right now, I am 99% sure that tomorrow I will still believe that this is one of the best ideas I have ever had.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bibbidy Bobbidy Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving; yay for that. I have been super busy with the time I have for my school break. I have accomplished a lot (unpacked most of our house, wrote a 15 minute presentation, wrote five 1-2 page essays for extra credit for one class, finished two 6 page essays for another class, completed over 200 online problems, took three pre-exams, finished a HUGE take home test and studied for my test Monday after the break), but I have so much more left to do. Thankfully I have completed as much as I have however, and at this point I would say I am half-way done with what I needed to accomplish over break. I am truly beginning to wonder what I will feel like once I graduate. I will actually have free time which will be wonderful.

Enough of that boring business, I just wanted to apologize for putting my blog on the back burner, I assure you I have done my fair share of writing over the past week. Now for some exciting news; I became a fairy god mother today :) I am so thrilled and beyond excited. One of my best friends had her baby girl baptized today and I get to be the godmother. All those years I have been striving to be a Disney princess I think I finally realized that was not my calling- I was supposed to be the fairy godmother all along which totally makes sense because I misplace things a lot and, I have a wand, and I often think about changing pumpkin’s into magical carriages.. okay maybe not so much on that last, but I do EAT a lot of pumpkin pie so that has to count for something. 

Photo Credit: Cinderlla

Now if you will excuse me I do need to get back to my studies… and perhaps delve into the vegan pumpkin pie that Justin left for me because, hello! I am a fairy godmother now and I simply must act the part...  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Moved In

We are finally moved in, and working on unpacking. Justin's parents have been more helpful than I ever could have imagined throughout the whole process. It is so relieving to have their wisdom and support throughout the transition. Also one of my BFFs has been available 24/7 to answer my mechanical-y questions because she totally owns coveralls and has a tool belt, except not really she is just smart. Anyway, today we got hooked up to Internet; hence this blog. 

We did have a few hiccoughs whilst getting settled. The garbage disposal broke, we purchased a new one and it was missing a part so we had to go all the way back to the store to get it, then the master toilet flooded the bathroom, now the hot water cartridge thing is stuck in the guest bath. Nevertheless we are powering through it all. Justin has done the manly work mostly by himself with my muttering instructions in the back ground, and his dad helping when available. Anyway I decided that since Justin has been so talented yet also easily agitated while playing Mr. Fix It; his new nickname shall be: Tinkerbutt. Tinker because he is such a good tinker (almost as good as Tinkerbell but his hands are just a bit bigger than hers so he has a slight disadvantage) and butt well... Because you know. 

Bottom line the "bad," if you really want to call it that, really isn't that bad. We are so excited and grateful to be here, and are looking forward to getting fully settled. New beginnings are simply wonderful. 

I am writing this blog from my phone. I am attaching a few crappy photos from before we moved in, and before Justin's parents painted the master (you can see the tape) but we are so excited I wanted to give a teaser. 
Master bed with little window seat
Master bed plant shelf things
Kitchen with any shelf things

I promise more will come. 

Also Justin and I have been juicing and I wanted to show a picture of the prettiest color juice ever. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

♫You Can't Always Get What You Want♫

Tomorrow is the big day we have finally been waiting for. The apartment is all boxed up and ready to go. While I am in class taking my last exam prior to Thanksgiving break Justin and his parents will be moving us to the house. Pictures will come at some point but I can't make any promises as to when since it is crunch time with classes. But with the house we are beyond excited, so much so that I wish I could have cake but Justin just isn't picking up on the hint.

But I suppose I always have a yen for cake so there is that. In Justin's defense I typically throw myself on the floor/bed/couch and explain my deep yearnings for sweets and french fries then get into an argument with myself about how I shouldn't have that stuff anyway. He probably just thinks I am confused again.

Also the other day in the grocery store I noticed they had "Hobbit" related items in the toy claw machine. Gollum was chillin' like a villain all up in the machine just waiting for me to take him home. I pressed my nose and hands to the glass and told him that I would send a valiant big-butted man to heroically release him from his cage.

Justin went yesterday, quarters in hand to rescue my new pet and HE WAS GONE. In his stead was a plethora of Christmas animals. *sigh. Someday I shall find you my precious.
Photo Credit: eBay

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Text conversation I had with Justin the other day before bed since I was too lazy to go into the other room.

Me: Can you come in here?

Justin: I can, but tell me why?

Me: Because the sbifa requirements haven’t been met today.

Justin: The what?

Me: The sbifa requirements.

Justin: What does that mean? 

Me: Spanks before I fall asleep

Justin: How did I not figure that out?

Me: I don’t know but I like it because it sounds like beef so it reminds me of you.

It totally is perfect and I think it should be added to the dictionary because then people that like to spank their bfs like me will feel normal and validated.

This seal reminds me of Justin whilst he is enjoying my spanks... ba ha ha

Photo credit: imgur

Monday, November 17, 2014

Jiggle All The Way

Justin arrived home from working on our house with his parents and was worriedly pacing as though trying to decide to tell me how my cat died. Which is weird because I don't have a cat...

Justin: I think I have grey hair

Me: is it just paint from painting today?

Justin: No, I aged thirty years today.  

Me: uhh I don't think that is possible. 

Justin: come look at this. 

I stepped into the bathroom to find justin eyeing the shadows cast by the lighting. 

Justin: When I turn my head my whole hair turns grey... 

Me: That is the light, silly. 

Justin: Oh wAit maybe it is just the lights. I was taking a shower at my parent's house and then there was this guy that looked like Santa. 

Me: What?

Justin: Ya I got scared but then I realized it was just me in the mirror because I  have a belly like Santa and grey hair too. 

Boy problems. Sheesh!

PS I took this at the end of our street the other day. We still have a big helping of snow outside.

Add caption

Friday, November 14, 2014

Beef Cakes Knows How to Bring Home the Bacon

After braving the snowstorm today to bring home the bacon (no not Kevin); Justin went to my new favorite vegan place and got some dinner complete with chocolate cake. Incidentally, as you may recall from one of mybirthday posts, the place serves BBQ beef/pork etcetera also so he indulged in a meat sandwich and I had a vegan sandwich and all but two bites of the chocolate cake we ordered. 

To reward Justin for his virile actions I made out with him, but then I started thinking about how his lips tasted like cake and kind of like beef so I kept calling him beef cakes in my mind and then I couldn’t stop laughing and he decided to watch basketball while I thought about how immature I am. But in all honesty “beef cakes” really just fits his personality, and you all know how much I like cake. He really likes beef so I find the nickname un-discriminatory in that he gets to hold on to that beefy part of his personality. I am just such a great girlfriend. 

Also I saw this photo on imgur today with the caption "came home to two cats dancing in my driveway." Now I really believe in "The Cat Returns."

Photo Credit:

photo credit: "The Cat Returns"

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cake Assesment

As my undergraduate career comes to a close I find that I am reflecting back on the beginning of my education. Not in a nostalgic kind of way, but the kind where fingers get glued together, glitter covers my lap, and bits of colored paper liter the floor. Yes that’s right, with all of this dull homework I have decided to put a new twist on things and hand in crafts like a kindergartner instead of 15 page papers, and throw glitter bombs at the audience during oral presentations. Just kidding, but seriously I have been in “homemade” hell as I have been diligently laboring over my graduation invitations. I just got my fingers unstuck from the super glue; thank God too because I have my senior assessment test today and I couldn’t very well be walking around campus flashing the okay sign at everyone (my thumb and index finger were glued together) because then they would all think I was crazy which I suppose isn’t saying much that isn’t already true. 

Hindsight I probably should have just left things the way they were because when I show up for the exam today I totally could have been like:

“Yes I need accommodations because fingers are glued together.”

 Then they would say, “alright ma’am what can we do yer for,” (because they talk like Hagrid) 

And I would reply: “I need cake, vegan cake, and lots of it. Also I need someone to feed it to me because I am impaired.”

Then I could literally eat cake instead of taking my senior assessment and the world would be a warm place again despite all this snow.