Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bibbidy Bobbidy Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving; yay for that. I have been super busy with the time I have for my school break. I have accomplished a lot (unpacked most of our house, wrote a 15 minute presentation, wrote five 1-2 page essays for extra credit for one class, finished two 6 page essays for another class, completed over 200 online problems, took three pre-exams, finished a HUGE take home test and studied for my test Monday after the break), but I have so much more left to do. Thankfully I have completed as much as I have however, and at this point I would say I am half-way done with what I needed to accomplish over break. I am truly beginning to wonder what I will feel like once I graduate. I will actually have free time which will be wonderful.

Enough of that boring business, I just wanted to apologize for putting my blog on the back burner, I assure you I have done my fair share of writing over the past week. Now for some exciting news; I became a fairy god mother today :) I am so thrilled and beyond excited. One of my best friends had her baby girl baptized today and I get to be the godmother. All those years I have been striving to be a Disney princess I think I finally realized that was not my calling- I was supposed to be the fairy godmother all along which totally makes sense because I misplace things a lot and, I have a wand, and I often think about changing pumpkin’s into magical carriages.. okay maybe not so much on that last, but I do EAT a lot of pumpkin pie so that has to count for something. 

Photo Credit: Cinderlla

Now if you will excuse me I do need to get back to my studies… and perhaps delve into the vegan pumpkin pie that Justin left for me because, hello! I am a fairy godmother now and I simply must act the part...  

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