Friday, November 14, 2014

Beef Cakes Knows How to Bring Home the Bacon

After braving the snowstorm today to bring home the bacon (no not Kevin); Justin went to my new favorite vegan place and got some dinner complete with chocolate cake. Incidentally, as you may recall from one of mybirthday posts, the place serves BBQ beef/pork etcetera also so he indulged in a meat sandwich and I had a vegan sandwich and all but two bites of the chocolate cake we ordered. 

To reward Justin for his virile actions I made out with him, but then I started thinking about how his lips tasted like cake and kind of like beef so I kept calling him beef cakes in my mind and then I couldn’t stop laughing and he decided to watch basketball while I thought about how immature I am. But in all honesty “beef cakes” really just fits his personality, and you all know how much I like cake. He really likes beef so I find the nickname un-discriminatory in that he gets to hold on to that beefy part of his personality. I am just such a great girlfriend. 

Also I saw this photo on imgur today with the caption "came home to two cats dancing in my driveway." Now I really believe in "The Cat Returns."

Photo Credit:

photo credit: "The Cat Returns"

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