Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

I awoke bright and early (well technically it was still dark outside) this morning in anticipation of giving Justin his anniversary gift. I should have taken photos because the contents of this cardboard box (the entire series of Boy Meets World) were wrapped in a perfect blushing shade of pink. Coupled with the Channing Tatum shirtless photo on the exterior of the box I would say this was one of my better wrapping jobs. 

After Justin and I exchanged gifts I got up and ate a pumpkin pie for breakfast which was pretty darn amazing. Justin had to work today, and I had six-ish hours of class so I spent most of the day dreaming about dinner because surprisingly pumpkin pie is not that filling. As soon as 5 o’clock rolled around Justin called me to inform me that he had mistakenly locked his keys in the car. So we went up and waited for an hour for the locksmith to come relieve us from the circumstances.

At long last the situation was remedied and we went on our merry way to dinner at the vegan cafe where I enjoyed soup, salad, hummus and pita- a dinner fit for a king. Now "Magic Mike," is blasting on the television as Justin indulges and I write this blog. So all in all today was pretty amazing. Here are some of the flowers from my man :)

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