Monday, November 17, 2014

Jiggle All The Way

Justin arrived home from working on our house with his parents and was worriedly pacing as though trying to decide to tell me how my cat died. Which is weird because I don't have a cat...

Justin: I think I have grey hair

Me: is it just paint from painting today?

Justin: No, I aged thirty years today.  

Me: uhh I don't think that is possible. 

Justin: come look at this. 

I stepped into the bathroom to find justin eyeing the shadows cast by the lighting. 

Justin: When I turn my head my whole hair turns grey... 

Me: That is the light, silly. 

Justin: Oh wAit maybe it is just the lights. I was taking a shower at my parent's house and then there was this guy that looked like Santa. 

Me: What?

Justin: Ya I got scared but then I realized it was just me in the mirror because I  have a belly like Santa and grey hair too. 

Boy problems. Sheesh!

PS I took this at the end of our street the other day. We still have a big helping of snow outside.

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