Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Birthday Magic

Justin: I recorded Magic Mike for you

Me: For me? I thought I said I didn't want to be seeing a bunch of hanging participles swinging to and fro

Justin: I thought I told you there would be no nudity since it is recorded on cable, anyway it is ready for whenever you want to watch i, because I recorded it for you.

Me: ... okay.

Justin: Do you wanna watch it right now?

Me: You seem mighty anxious to watch the movie you only recorded for me.

Justin: well...I like Channing Tatum

Me: hmmm

Honestly I am pretty sure that Justin only wants to watch that movie so he can try to scam some new moves to entertain me with, but we wound up watching Dark Shadows. This is probably a good thing since the art of big butted dancing should be organically had, and uninfluenced by shows about strippers who are magic.

What makes magic Mike so magic anyway? Did he go to Hogwarts? Because I have never heard of someone named Mike in the wizarding world. *sigh, I guess the only option is to find out. I have a funny feeling it will be one of those movies I have to watch while wearing a ski mask backwards; not to fulfill some weird fantasy but to shade mine eyes.

I also felt like sharing this with you because tomorrow doth it is my Birthday! And as you may recall I happen to share my special day with an English holiday which is just fantastic.

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