Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feline Cop

Me: I would not want to be a cop.

Justin: Me either.

Me: I would be way too nice, and I would never meet any quotas.

Justin: Yes I just think it would be dangerous.

Me: And then I would pull people over and I would be like 'sir, you shouldn't speed... I am issuing your 27th warning.'

Justin: And you would probably talk about cats

Me: Yes I would be like pick a pocket, back left, back right, front left, or front right...

Justin: Then you would be at the vegan donut shop all day.

Me: Yes donuts would be wonderful. But when they picked a pocket they would get a picture of a narwhal, cat, elephant or owl depending on which pocket they picked.

Justin: Yes and people would just drive by going 100 mph and you would be like 'my mouth is too full of donut to chase you.'

Me: Yes and then all the criminals would figure out I like cats and so they would all have cats in their cars for me to pet in case I caught them doing something terribly wrong. Then they would be like 'if you don't arrest me you can pet this cat.' And every time I would be like, 'okay fine,' while eating donuts and petting cats.

The caption on this photo was "diabeetus cat graduates from cop school"  I don't know who the diabeetus cat is, but I like her. Photo Credit:

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