Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Everyvoldy's Working For the Weekend

I had to give an oral presentation today in microbiology. I have such a hard time with that class since I am uninterested in the material.  I completed my presentation over Thanksgiving break and ran through it a few times this morning while getting ready for school. While I was reviewing things I couldn't help but mentally note the far too many references I had to Star Wars, The Hobbit, and of course Harry Potter.

 My presentation was about that 'pet' I had grown and studied earlier in the year. I had swabbed the elliptical machine at our old apartment complex since there is absolutely no sanitation products available in the 24 hour gym that was open to everyone in the complex, and everyone not in the complex too since the gym did not require a key entry.  You may recall from one of my earlier blogs that I thought I had gonorrhea for my pet but it wound up being Kocuria rosea.  I was totally bummed because I wanted to talk about the fact that I had gonorrhea because I am pretty sure I will never get to say that in my life, except why should I even want to say that? It might sound cool but that is a terrible terrible disease. Gosh I am a weirdo.

Anyway I had this photo hidden on my presentation because I never took a photo of the actual machine I had swabbed to collect my pet:

You may recognize it as one of my artworks aka photo-shopped photos. I usually black out when I am delivering presentations but I know I mentioned Voldemort a few times because I just kept hoping that he who must not be named would come bursting into the classroom and provide a certain kind of whimsy which was just absent from my presentation since gonorrhea was no longer a thing. 

My next presentation is on Monday. If all goes well that one will have a certain surprise element which I am just so excited about but that surprise element requires a lot of bravery so we shall see if I go through with my evil plan.

In two weeks from today I will be taking my final final exam. AHhhh, I can't believe my undergrad career is almost over. For all of our sakes I hope I do not lose anymore of my mind than I already have.

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