Monday, December 8, 2014

Paint By Numbers

So remember how Justin and I had our photos done the other day and our photographer thought we were mother and son? Well unfortunately we got the photos back… they are no bueno. I hate when I get super excited for photos and they wind up being terrible. Perhaps I have just grown too accustomed to perfectly edited photos of supermodels and my judgment is skewed. Justin actually used the words “outraged,” and “appalling” to describe what received. They were so bad in fact that he does not even want to entertain the idea of having the photographer make up for the terrible pictures that were taken for fear that the same would happen again. So, goodbye $70 +tip. *sigh. 

Tonight we were watching Jeopardy when a question came up about the artist Rembrandt. He did a self-portrait painting of his wife and himself back in the day. I have decided that for Christmas this year I am going to send out photocopies of a picture that I will paint of Justin and me. This will of course be exponentially better than the photos that we received from our photo session, however I can’t guarantee that you will be able to discern who we are in the painting… except of course Justin because I will have to paint his big butt. I might just give everyone an extra merry Christmas and paint it bare because that would look wonderful all over every one of our family and friend’s refrigerators. 

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Our photo may be slightly positioned just like Rembrandt's, with Justin having his backside to the painter and me ready to spank his bum, while making a toast. Also I am sure I could find a way to paint a strange bird statue in the background too. However in lieu of a sword, I will take a wand. 

In other news I gave my presentation today. That was somewhat of a flop. My presentation was about the CA125 biomarker which can be found over expressed in ovarian cancer. That part was all fine and dandy but I also included a bit about the mantis shrimp in my presentation because the mantis shrimp is awesome. Not only is it awesome but it has amazingly complex eyes which are currently being used to model a camera after that will be able to detect tumors/masses under the skin. Mantis shrimp can see polarized light, and also humans have three different cones in their eyes, enabling us to see the wide spectrum of colors we are able to see, but mantis shrimp have 16 different cones which enable them to see colors we could never even dream up. 

Researchers hope to eventually develop a camera which can be installed on cell phones so that people can scan themselves for masses under their skin. My professor had previously declined my selection of this topic because it truly was about physics and the mathematical side of developing the camera. It did not focus specifically on cancer. But nevertheless I slapped a few extra power point slides at the end of my presentation, and promptly received some death stares. I thought my moxie would be appreciated, but I was wrong. Very very wrong. But regardless here are some lovely photos.
Mantis Shrimp wikipedia

Mantis Shrimp with eggs photo credit: Imgur

Mantis Shrimp photo credit: Imgur

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