Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cougars Anonymous Just Got A New Member

Justin and I had some Christmas photos done today. We were pretty excited since our photographer is pretty well known in our area and has quite a beautiful body of work which I constantly stalk on Facebook. 

When we arrived at the site of the photos the photographer asked if Justin was my son. I tried to shake this off, but I find that I am still ruminating on that statement hours later. I wonder if my eyes will be red with fury in the photos when we finally see them. 

In all honesty maybe she asks this to all of her clients... But I am betting not. Also Justin does kind of have a baby face, and I do spank him a lot. Maybe she read my mind and heard me mentally daydreaming about spanking him or something. No wonder she is such a good photographer; she reads minds. 

Anyway much to my surprise my best friend from high school had coincidentally hired the photographer for the time slot directly after Justin and me. I thought this was awesome since I had not seen her seven years or so. I found this extra odd since I just started talking to my best friend from elementary and middle school again. I guess my past is trying to creep up on me which is cool because I do miss all of my childhood  chums. 

Before I go, I just so happened to click on my phone photos and found this gem from right before our photo shoot. Justin does look about 12.5 years old here. He was striking a pose for me, or perhaps in the process of stopping dead in his tracks and raising his hand to flip me off. 

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