Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Curious Case of the Belly Button

Conversation I had with Justin today-

Justin: That narwhal coffee cup is your new favorite thing isn't it?

Me: Why yes, yes it is.

Justin: I just think it is weird because it isn't shaped like a narwhal. You have elephant, owl and cat shaped mugs you know. 

Me: Yes I know but this one has a narwhal *making a petting motion with my hand...

Justin: You do know you can't actually pet a narwhal, right?

Me: How dare you! Of course I can pet a narwhal. 

Justin: It would impale you. It would think you were a donut. 

Me: No it wouldn't, unless I showed it my belly button. 

Justin: I don't think that is how it works. 

Me: You need to learn science.

Here is my proof that a person can pet a narwhal. You will notice that Justin barely has his belly button covered in this photo but the fact of the matter is; it is covered so he did not get impaled. Also please take note of the fashion trend he started with his hood. You will be seeing this on the cover of GQ in no time. 

In other news I'm super stoked about my new cookbook. Tonight I made a summertime bruschetta and avocado pasta because now that Christmas is gone I'm ready for the sunshine to come back. I must say dinner complimented the Harry Potter marathon on ABC family quite nicely.

Oh and I should update on the washer situation. We did manage to buy a new machine so our house shouldn't be burning to the ground anytime least not because of the washer. Our bank account on the other hand is another story.

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