Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sirius Black is Probably Going to Take Me to My Graduation

One class is officially finished as of this evening, and now I only have six more classes to complete before the end of the semester (incidentally only 12 more class periods amongst the six classes, not that I am counting). Speaking of the end of the semester I absolutely geeked out and handmade my graduation invites as you may recall. I figured I would share the invite since all but one has gone out. Okay so I just tore apart my closet and can't find the finished product but I did find the beginning of the invites in an old photo from my phone. This was before I straightened the edges and glued things on.
I swear these looked better without my personal information scribbled out, and once I evenly trimmed the edges and glued things in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.

And the diploma wound up on the back with the cap, and the front had way more of those jewels. Someday (probably not anytime soon) I will find the actual finished product.

I will have you know that I cut and pasted all of those decorations, I cut each individual cap from cardstock, I made the cap tassels from thread, crafted each tiny diploma with the utmost care, placed each individual jewel, super-glued my fingers together 956 times, and even made my own paper except not really on that last part. In all seriousness these bad boys did take me a LONG time to complete. I am somewhat proud of them because I need to validate the time that I spent on them so ya. But I probably should not have posted these photos because anyone reading this probably has their face in their palm shaking their head slowly back and forth while silently thinking 'that poor idiot girl.'

To take a complete 180, I wanted to announce that Justin and I got a new edition to the family. I know what you are thinking, unfortunately we have not collected our dozen cats yet but we did finally get a new car. I think its name should be Sirius Black because it is an escaped convict, okay not really but it is black, and since it is our car it does take a certain interest in Harry Potter so naturally Sirius Black just makes sense.

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