Sunday, December 21, 2014

I Need To Learn To Add Again

Justin and I have been busy, busy little bees the past few days. On Friday I had my college graduation. It was pretty monumental for me for obvious reasons. I struggled with many health issues throughout my college career yet I forged ahead and finally finished. It feels good to be proud of myself :) 
(Photo from right before we left for graduation)

When I arrived to the graduation ceremony Justin dropped me off so I could get into the arena in time. I took my small purse and cell phone with me since I wasn't sure how things would pan out, and if I would need to reach Justin via phone after everything was all said and done since I'm not kidding there were at least 5,000 people there. 

I walked into the rehearsal area and sat down in an empty seat. I kept asking what I should do with my things but was repeatedly told not to leave anything in the rehearsal area. I didn't have time to attempt to find Justin so I went to the bathroom and stuck my cell phone in my tights. I tried to cram my purse in the top of my dress but it just looked like I was hiding a bomb under my graduation gown thingy so I settled for carrying it around. 

We walked from the practice area into the actual arena area and my phone made its way from the hip area in my tights down to the crotch area. There was no way to get it out with out showing 5000 people my vagina so I had no choice but to deal with it. So when it finally came time to walk the line I just kept thinking, 'please don't let my vagina ring, or my tights rip open thus causing me to birth a cell phone during the proudest moment of my life,'  I think this photo of me mid walk from the professional photographer conveys the 'hi I'm carrying a cell phone with my crotch,' message pretty well. I want one of these in cardboard cut out size. 

Anyway things went well and I eventually got out of the gym where I was met by one of my best friends. She was standing in the pouring rain awaiting my arrival with some beautiful flowers. Then she walked about a mile to her car in the still down pouring rain. Not to mention she came from three towns over at 10:00a.m just to show her support for me. Justin's parents met me also and of course Justin too. It is so nice to have such a strong foundation of people who truly care about my accomplishments, and who come from so far to help me celebrate. 

Next I went to lunch (don't worry I rescued my phone) with Justin, his parents and one of my other best friends who drove ALL the way from Utah for my special day. Incidentally she has the baby of who I am the fairy godmother so I got to get lots of baby cuddles in. So all in all it was a great day. And now I'm a college graduate so I better learn how to add again because Justin says now that I'm college educated I have to. 

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