Monday, December 22, 2014

Sex Ed

The other day I took one of those quizzes that I can't stop myself from taking. The first question asked if I was biologically male or female. I swear on my life that I selected female. This is the quiz result I got.

In other news on Saturday Justin and I had our housewarming/my graduation party. One of Justin's friends is super manly and meaterific. He lives on a bit of land a couple of towns over and thus is able to have some chickens so their family can enjoy farm fresh eggs. I of course like this idea since it gives the hens a half way decent and normal chicken-y life.

Well apparently one of the "female" chickens that they have is actually a male "turk-in." so from what was described to me I conjured this image in my head of a hairless chicken from the neck up. Sounded pretty darn awesome if you ask me, I bet it likes to be petted. I asked if the bird had a name and Justin's friend said it didn't so I suggested Smeagol. He agreed that was a pretty fitting name and then he was like wouldn't be awesome if Smeagol laid golden rings. ba ha ha. It was the finniest thing I had heard all day.

Anyway our party was pretty great. I also finally finished my Christmas cards and mailed those out. They were incredibly late owing to the whole photo situation that happened earlier this month. I did my best to draw Justin and my photo on some of the cards but Justin did not like the representation of him. Something about despite the fact that his rump was in correct proportion to his body the length of his legs were not accurate? I dunno, but if Justin were a stick figure he would look just like the pictures I drew.
This will not let me rotate the photo.
Also I think this might be what a turkin looks like.
This is according to Google so I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of the photo being a turkin

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