Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Stand(s)

Now that we have a house we have much more space than we used to. I often times sit upstairs completing homework while Justin watches television downstairs. 

Justin- “It sounds like there is a stampede upstairs when you are up there “doing homework,” or whatever else is going on up there.”

Me: “I know nothing about this. I do know that it sounds like you are going to come barreling through the ceiling when you are upstairs however.” 

Justin: “All I am doing up there is using the bathroom.”

Me: “Me too! It is just me walking across the floor to go into the bathroom.”

Justin: “Well it sounds like a herd of elephants.”

In unrelated news I would like to report that I am becoming pretty good at headstands, handstands and armstands. To break up the monotony of studying I must find something to occupy my time. This of course is a wonderful way to get my blood moving, and plus practice makes perfect.
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