Thursday, December 18, 2014

It all began with an Olaf umbrella

Earlier this evening after I had carefully wrapped most of Justin's presents. He came up with every excuse under the sun to enter the third bedroom where I was hiding the gifts. Finally he claimed he was going to fix the printer which by the way has needed to be fixed since we moved. I had no choice but to acquiesce his request despite the warning in my heart. He promised me to only have tunnel vision for the printer. *sigh- never has a statement been made further from the truth. 

Justin: "Is that an Olaf umbrella?" 

Me:"Yes it's for my niece."

Justin: "why does she get all the cool presents?"

Me: "You Really want an Olaf parasol?"

Justin: "Why wouldn't I?"

Hindsight is 20/20 because now that I think about it obviously an Olaf parasol would contribute nicely to the boyish aura Justin so often exudes. Then everywhere we go people will be like, 'oh is this your son?' Just like that photographer thought. And I will be like "why of course-and by the way it is Tuesday don't kids eat free?"(Because the only places we ever go are to get food) Then Justin's butt can just get bigger and bigger from all the free kid meals we get. 

Anyway back to my original issue...I spent the next several minutes after the Olaf situation trying to distract and get Justin out of the room. But he kept pointing out where his gifts were and trying to act like he wasn't interested in them all the while using his X-Ray vision to peer through the hello kitty wrapping paper I had used to wrap his gifts. Hopefully I can surprise him a little bit on Christmas Day but now it won't be as magical. 

Also since I couldn't send those traditional photo Christmas cards out this year I did hand draw a couple of pictures in some of the cards I sent. Here is a photo of one which I can't fix because I'm writing this blog from my phone so I apologize for the sideways business. 

And here is one of Justin being manly just so you all don't think I'm actually dating a 12 year old. 

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