Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Disclaimer: We Are Not Engaged Yet

While I am quite sure some day I will be prancing down the isle while the Harry Potter theme song is playing, and Justin will be at the end of said isle; we are not engaged. I want to make that clear so you don't think I am announcing our engagement on my blog.

Text Conversation I had with Justin today~

Justin: I am going to marry you someday.

Me: Will you wear this to our wedding?
Photo Credit: viral on FB-but I stole it from my friend's page
Justin: Totally...Not
Me: Okay...How about this?
Photo Credit: Costume Wholesale

Justin: White tux for me.
Me: Well I'll meet you at the alter wearing this... then at least we will match
Photo Credit: LOTR wiki

Justin: Staff and sword in hand?

Me: Donut

Me: I meant to say duh but said donut. In all fairness I will probably will have a donut in my hand.

Justin: Not if I have cake in my hand.

Me: I know what you are thinking... So I can eat it but no- it is so I can feed it to the Narwhal. I'll put it on his tooth and he can eat it. 'cause the narwhals are invited.

Justin: I said cake damn it

Me: Do Narwhals like cake?

Side note-I learned that the "tusk" of a narwhal is actually his tooth. Sigh...

Photo Credit: Girl who works at some castle in England where they have this narwhal tooth that I am totally jealous of

Also if we ever do get married our wedding guests will be very confused because our wedding will probably have cats, narwhals, Dumbledores, Galdalfs...

Photo Credit: Pintrest

Shit-the Narwhals have done it again... I am supposed to be studying for finals.

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