Saturday, May 3, 2014

UnBEARable Excitement!

I had to immediately drop everything that I was doing and write this because the most incredible thing happened. First of all there is this place called "Bear World" in Rexburg, Idaho. Here is their website

I was super excited about the prospects of such a place when a good friend of mine posted about venturing to "Bear World" today. Upon "googling" I discovered that it is essentially just a shit ton of bears and other animals. You can bottle feed them and they have a petting zoo. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Well finally the photos started a-comin' on the book of faces. There was this fine specimen.

Photo Credit: Amanda

Such a cute bear- I just had to comment. Then fate came crashing in all at once and my world was turned upside down.
Take a good look my friends (at the comments). The bear is named Malina?!?!??! I have always had a liking for bears of course but now it seems I have a soul sister and she is a bear! I have officially added something to my bucket list. Well technically I do not have a bucket list-or at least I didn't have a bucket list. But I do now and it includes hanging out with the bear version of myself.

I hope to satiate my appetite for this 4 hour and 11 minute trip to Rexburg sometime this summer because how can I not?

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