Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moonlight Loly PoOps and RainbRowns

So my niece writes songs and she has a real knack for it. I have copied verbatim the latest sure-to be-pop sensation "Moonlight Lolypoops and rainbrowns" for your enjoyment. 

*note: I believe the numbering represents the "count" the singer is supposed to be holding the note for. The misspellings are in a word: perfect. 

Whisper 1. Sunshine loly pops and rainbows ous ous ous
123. Sunshine loly pops and rainbows
Talk 1. Moonlight something that gives the planets in our solar system light and is the center of our solar system
123. Moonlight!
2. Lolypoops-something yummy you put in your mout and eat
123. Lolypoops!
3. Rainbrowns-something colorful in the sky made by rain and shine 
123. Rainbows!
Whisper moonligh lolypoops and rainbrowns 
123 moon light loly poops and rainbrowns!
Talk 1 sunshin
Talk 2 loly pops
Talk 3 and rainbrowns
Moonligh loly poops and rain browns!
I may need to educate about what moonlight is but other than that I think it is great :) the cat feels indifferent about it

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