Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rainbow Horses and Cats With Hair

Things have been spectacular thus far on my trip to New Hampshire. The only thing missing is Justin. I have spent much time outside enjoying the rolling hills, treasure hunting with metal detectors alongside my niece and uncle and of course familiarizing myself with sidewalk chalk once more. 
Sawyer's cat (I like the hair)
Sawyer's penguin
My rainbow horse 

There are lots of others but I don't want to bombard you. 

In the beginning I realized that there was a such thing as free time, and had a hard time remembering what to do with myself. Once my bare feet crossed the porch threshold and carried me out to the grassy lawn; it didn't take long to remember. 

My evenings have been spent with cups of tea, long conversations, numerous board games and of course my personal favorite- the delicate art that is cat harassing. 
She is unenthused ... 

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