Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'll Have a Tall Glass of Oprah

Crunch time has begun as this week begins to wrap and the final two weeks of the semester starts. I'm right about at that point where I am throwing a pity party for myself owing to the realization that I have entirely too many tasks to accomplish- you are all invited to said pity party-be sure to bring some cake. I can't promise that anything productive will happen... and there may be a lot of "I don't WANT to do this," being said.

My favorite pastime is to daydream (daymare?) about everything I have to do while physically doing nothing and fighting studying with every fiber of my being. At least the end is in sight however, only two more weeks of this shiz.

In an attempt to make myself feel better I ordered some Oprah at Starbucks. I have never watched her show however in the olden days I did read books on her reading list- I usually enjoyed her selections. Also she has self-help-ish type shows I am sure; or maybe not... either way there is now this Oprah chai tea which is pretty darn good. I can actually drink it unlike that Oregon chai stuff because there isn't any honey in it (vegan you know). There is chickory root which I am mildly allergic to so my mouth does this weird thing, and my throat kind of half closes up which makes for a terrific experience. But saying "yes, I will have one tall glass of Oprah," just kind of makes everything better.
Say What? You want some of moi?

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