Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Beautiful Mind

Finals week is upon me as much as I tried to resist I have succumb to the utter madness that is test taking hell, and incessant recalculations of what-if scenarios that could make or break my grades. 

Last week I was hurriedly preparing to attend my final lecture of the year. I was running behind owing to my last minute finishing of homework. I slapped my testosterone cream on and was midway through applying my face cream when the horror struck. I had mixed up the two and was in the process of wiping acne-causing man juice all over my face. It was too late. That afternoon I sprouted penises all over my face. Not really but I did get a few shiny new zits since my face decided to act like a teenaged boy. I can’t say I blame it. 

In other news; only five more days until I fly out to New Hampshire. I certainly hope that I do not wind up with airport troubles like I did the last time I flew (December 2012). I set off the scanner with my “explosive” ass and hands. I blame Dunkin Donuts because I am pretty sure I drank their coffee that morning.
PS this photo was taken like 9 months ago. Not today. I don't normally wear belly shirts.

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