Friday, May 16, 2014

Plains Trains and Automobiles

Today is the day I head to the airport for approximately two weeks to see some long lost family and friends. I am lucky enough to have a late departing flight (2-2:30 pm somewhere in there) and a short sweet flight. All in all I think I will be air-bound/layover status for somewhere around six hours. This is perfect because the shortest that this trip has been for me in the past was around the nine hour mark.

The airport I am flying into is about two hours from my parent's house. I have decided to rent a car to save the parents a long drive. So this trip will be like "Planes Trains and Automobiles." Except the only trains will be the ones in my mind which take me to Hogwarts. In reality I kind of am glad that I am not going on a train (unless it were to Hogwarts). I am quite sure the moment that I set foot in any train station I would be running at every wall looking for platform 9 3/4, or one of the other platforms which lead to the wizzarding world. I would get kicked out for sure.

This is in England-paying homage to the film version. 
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Here is where I will be staying for anyone who would like to stalk me. But, I think there will be a little less snow.

I am sure I will write while I am gone and probably post lots of pictures of cats- but if I am absent for a long time it is because I am somewhere in rural New Hampshire with no internet access.

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