Monday, June 2, 2014

There and Back Again....

I have finally returned from my trip to New Hampshire and New York. While it was wonderful to visit with family; I must admit it feels spectacular to be home. Justin met me at the airport with a bouquet of flowers and some fries. Once we got to our apartment, which was sparkling clean I might add, he spoiled me with countless surprises. I will neither boast further nor bore you about the details. He claimed he did all of the nice things to try to deter me from leaving again… contrarily I found his actions to be borderline indicative of wanting me to leave more often. 

Sometimes I feel like when I travel the very essence of my soul is sucked from me; much like a dementor. This probably explains my gravitation towards chocolate since I have been home. It is the only cure from the dementors' detrimental effects you know. Anyway I have eaten nothing short of a gross of chocolate, sweets and fried food since I have been back. Pun intended. Only now have I been able to surface to write this blog. That is only because I need to go to the grocery store to restock and quite frankly do not want to deal with the crowd. But soon hunger will prevail and I will find myself huddled in the chocolate isle at the local market over something delicious.

This is supposed to be me with Chocolate but it looks... not right.. not right at all.. I need to brush up on my photoshop skillz. 

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