Friday, June 27, 2014

Law and Order

Today marked the beginning of my week back in the law game. That’s right; I am moonlighting next week at a local law firm as a legal assistant. You may recall I worked for a few years in a law firm before deciding that my school schedule was far too complex to maintain my employment with the previous attorney. Since summer is in full swing and my regular job is work from home, where I schedule my own hours, I have some free time to pick up this little extra temporary job. So this morning I threw on some of my boring clothes and went to go learn the ins and outs of the office I’ll be assisting. 

I strutted down the streets of downtown-ish Boise with the song “what a man what a man what a mighty good man,” stuck in my head as I walked from my parking spot one million miles away from the firm. My dress sleeves were super weird shaped and it was completely hard to swing my arms with as much enthusiasm as I would have liked; but nonetheless I made it on time. 

And this is how I felt when it was all done.

Except not really. But I must say, as much as I like getting paid to work from home, I am a little excited to step foot in the outside world work-force again even if it is only temporary.

.... ♫♪A mighty mighty good man♪♫.... (seriously this has been in my head all day and it will not relent)

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