Wednesday, June 4, 2014


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Just look at that meaty neck; it appears as though I am on steroids. I think that some weird Spiderman venom is coursing through my veins because last night I was bitten by a spider on the neck. It was either a Spiderman type scenario or some type of vampiric spider. I am leaning towards the former because I have been wearing lots of spandex today and spent a lot of time in the sun; these clues lead me to believe that by tonight I will be swinging from skyscrapers downtown in an effort to fight crime. Perhaps I can make a date of it by carrying Justin on my back as we glide from building to building through a series of agile movements. His big butt might weigh us down but I am quite sure that I will be more than capable with my super human strength to compensate for its titanicicity (yes I just made up that word).

Hmm… Well this picture was only worth 200 words I guess. But in reality I could have droned on for days about vampiric spiders but decided to spare you.

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