Sunday, June 22, 2014

King Konging

Me: Godzilla... 

Justin: what?

Me: No what is that primate's name? Mighty Joe Young? The one that climbs buildings? Peter Jackson did a movie...

Justin: You mean King Kong?

Me: Yes! King Kong. Do you ever get an extraordinary urge to climb a skyscraper King Kong style and bang your chest over the fact that you didn't ever get down and funky with a particular someone? 

Justin: Say what? 

Me: I just am so thankful sometimes that you never humped some of the town whores that's all. And the only way I see fit to express that is by King Konging. 

The first photo really embodies how I feel. The second one does a good job of capturing what my face would be like if I were ever afforded the opportunity to become gorilla-esque and shimmy up a skyscraper like it was nothing-to proclaim to the world the aforementioned facts. Whoever that pilot is, is probably getting ready to throw me a party since he is the first to hear the wonderful news. 

This is probably why I shouldn't go anywhere near the Empire State Building. 

Also here is a photo of me holding Justin because I wanted to leave this blog on a positive note. Ain't nobody gonna be getting some from my special honey buns now.

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