Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's Start a Spank Bank

Today was a good day. When Justin got home from work I tried to be sexy and take off my sweat shirt but my head got stuck in it again and then I elbowed him in the temple "so hard he couldn't even think straight," (his words not mine.. my elbows are dainty and do not inflict any damage on anyone ever especially when they are flailing about). Long story short I eventually got out of my sweat shirt after seeing my life flash before my eyes a half a dozen times and Justin is okay too.

After watching the "Lego" movie... (still can't decide if I really liked it or not) we played a few rounds of Phase 10. Or I should say I dominated and kicked some tremendous ass in Phase 10 like I always do *brushes off shoulder. Speaking of ass Justin came up with this new terminology today; Spank Bank. Needless to say I will be coming up with rules/guidelines for this coined verbiage. Obviously with our relationship this will come in very handy. Well for me it will... As for Justin I am quite sure the threat of my elbow will be the least of his problems going forward.  

Oh and I nearly failed to mention that yesterday evening we watched "The Grand Budapest Hotel." It is a must see if I do say so myself. If you have seen and enjoyed "Moonrise Kingdom," I feel you will be delighted by the former just as equally. 

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