Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cat Hunt

I awoke this morning only to discover that I had fallen asleep at 9:30pm last night, and did not become a version of Spider-man as I had hoped. Or if I did I; I did it in my sleep because I do have a tendency to do strange things while I sleep. But usually those things are meaningless and not filled with crime-fighting awesomeness. So most likely while I drifted off to sleep, and dreamt of eating countless bars of chocolate, I was actually chewing the spider that bit me (the night before last) to pieces. 

I had the pleasure of meeting my friend for coffee this morning, after which I ran some boring errands. Once those were complete I learned that yesterday was national “hug a cat day.” How I missed this fact is beyond me. I fear the cat gods may suspend my position as queen if I don’t partake in some sort of celebratory action. Once I returned home I went on a quick walk around the apartment complex fastidiously looking for a cat to fulfill me. I even made cat calls as I paraded around. Out of fear of being spotted by one of the other tenants I ultimately retreated to the confines of my lonely-cat-free apartment. 

All hope is not lost however, this weekend one of my best friends is coming to town and we will be attending some kind of an animal benefit together. I am sure they will have plenty of furry friends that I can run around chasing and maybe get a hug if I am lucky. I might just have to rent a cat costume; and by cat costume I mean a onesie not one of those slutty Halloween costumes with cat ears and knickers. Then all the cats will think I am Catzilla and will be required to obey my ploys for hugs. And the world will be a better place.  
This could work in lieu of the onesie. Photo Credit: "The Office"

Who wants a hug???

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