Friday, June 20, 2014

Cake Cake Cake Cake....

You want to know how I know I have an awesome boyfriend?! He watched a bunch of the baseball game airing tonight,and then it was like bottom of the ninth and people on bases and shit with the game all close and he went and got me cake. Then we saw a deer and we were going to try to feed it cake, pet it, and maybe even ride it but it was really close to the street. Normally I would totally play in traffic if it meant riding a cake eating deer but I was dressed really horribly and knew I'd cause a wreck if anyone witnessed me. Not because I'd be riding a deer while feeding it cake but because I dared venturing out in public with mismatched men's basketball shorts, a ruffle bikini top and tank top that has seen better days. Everyone would be like "oh my god someone call the fashion police," and they wouldn't even care that I was the deer whisperer. But anyway the bright side of not getting to play with the deer is I get the whole cake to myself now. 

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