Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dinner and Witty Banter From the Most Esteemed Members of Society

Prewarning: I am about to curse- so I apologize if you continue to read and get offended.

The other day Justin and I were driving somewhere to get something. Nothing illegal unless Greek food is against the law; but as much as Justin’s ass makes a case for that- unfortunately and fortunately all at the same time Greek food is legal. Anyway as we went on our merry way we exchanged some pleasantries. 

Me: Why is that fucktard running across four lanes of traffic in the middle of rush hour?

Justin: Because he is a fucktard. (For the duration of our trip Justin continued to call everyone a fucktard who crossed our paths.)

Justin: I can’t stop calling everyone a fucktard, and it is all your fault. 

Me: I never have called anyone that name before. 

Suddenly a wild pack of children erupted out of nowhere riding their bikes like some sort of hooligans. 

Me: What are all those fucktards doing?

Not sure why I felt compelled to write a blog about this, but I suppose it is Thursday.  
Also because it is Thursday I had to share this. I found it on the interwebs the other day but I can't recall where. Probably because it is summer and the only thing I can focus on is re reading the Harry Potter books for the millionth time and eating. Photo Credit: Reddit maybe???

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