Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Golden Goalie

I came home Saturday after a well spent day with my girlfriend who was in from out of state. My heart leapt with joy as I noticed this on the television…

I thought for a half a moment that Justin was watching Quidditch (live-action muggle version). Unfortunately I was grossly mistaken. He was just watching football but I must say if I were on the opposing team in that game I would have abandoned all traditional game rules and immediately started chasing that man because then the game would end and I would get 150 points and it would be the highest scoring football game ever. 

Who Wore It Better??
I am pretty sure that the goalie guy (right) is giving the Golden Snitch in the movie "The Internship" (left) a run for his money.
Also PS: in unrelated news I saw this on Facebook; a friend of mine liked it and I haven't stopped laughing since."When you drop something in front of your crush"

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