Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I got up to go to class this morning and then decided that genetics was overrated because Narwhals are real. I was baffled this morning when I discovered this. I apparently have been living under a rock because I always thought they were some kind of mythical creature. I realize that there was one who spotlighted in “Elf” but I had no idea that was something that existed! I kind of want to go pet one right now. And I want to put some donuts or bagels on its horn thing because that would be a riot. Except by the time I got to the arctic I probably would have consumed any/all of the donuts or bagels I had brought with me.

Speaking of donuts and bagels today I was sitting in chemistry class when I felt a cool breeze on my midriff. I was wearing a light jacket over a tank top and it started to do that thing where it unzips from the bottom. A small portion of my belly was popping out of the bottom. I pulled my tank top down to cover my exposed skin. I tried my damndest to fix the stupid thing but no matter what I did it kept getting worse. Long story short I ended up walking to the parking garage pretty much wearing a cape with sleeves but hey… Narwhals are REAL.  
"Hey Buddy, I hope you find your dad!"

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