Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fashionable Friday Strikes Again

Before studying this morning I decided to run a couple of errands to reduce the number of excuses that would inevitably arise later in the afternoon while searching for reasons to break from my mind-numbing Botany notes. I threw on the sweatshirt and sweat pants I had worn to chemistry lab and the doctor on Friday. I reasoned that I was going to be gone for less than an hour and decided that it wasn’t worth dirtying new clothes.

After a brief stop at the coffee shop I got stuck in a bike and running race while trying to get home. After screaming hateful invectives and shaking my fist at the heavens I finally made it through the conglomeration of race patrons and cheerer on people. I angrily stomped back up to my apartment (bear in mind I was only all attitude-y because I knew I had copious amounts of studying to suffer through and was displacing my anger on whatever other external force I could blame it on).

Once I got home I cleaned the kitchen in an effort to delay my studying even longer. I settled in and reviewed my notes for an hour or so then got up to pick up the bathroom. I picked up my dirty clothes that I had shed earlier; amongst the items was of course my sweatshirt. It was then that I noticed a pair of blue underwear partially concealed in the hood of my blue sweatshirt. Thank God they were clean. The only thing I can assume is that they must have gotten trapped in there the last time I did laundry.

I wonder how many people in my chemistry lab noticed the extra accessory I was carrying with me that day. Perhaps they thought I needed an extra pair in the event I soiled myself while we made this acid stuff that could dissolve pennies and metal. I wonder if my doctor assumed I needed an extra pair of undies after she defiled my vagina that morning. Perhaps she thought my carrying case was cleverly thought out as there was no way I could have wedged them in my pocket. I certainly hope none of the race patrons noticed the angry girl being forced to drive 3-5 mph with the underwear trapped in her hood while they passed the passenger side of my car… ‘maybe that is why she is so angry,’ they may have thought.

I am not sure how I am supposed to show my face this week in lab *sigh… I blame it on the tuberculosis shot I got on Friday… even though I got that after lab…   
While I was studying googling pictures of cats I found this gem... I can't wait until I can have a cat again..

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