Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bearded Lady

Despite having three tests next week (two on Tuesday and one Wednesday morning) and having two papers due (one Monday and one Tuesday) I anxiously awaited today's arrival. Normally with the anxiety mounting for test day I angrily lock myself away on what I deem to be "floor bed" and google pictures of cats while I should be studying. Today however one of my best friends is in town from Utah for a quick weekend visit. In all reality she was doing a civic duty by volunteering as a foster parent for a dog who needed a home but unfortunately said dog ended up turning into a rabid beast before my friend could get to town to collect him. She decided to come to town anyway, even though she no longer needed to.

I woke up and cleaned house and got myself ready for her arrival. Justin ran to Starbucks to get me my usual iced raspberry soy latte. He actually went inside of the shop rather than using the drive through. I commend him because my drink is quite frilly looking.

It is really a much more vibrant pink than showed here
I could not help but laugh as this because it totally seems like he was ordering a pink drink for himself, nothing wrong with that of course.

My girlfriend finally arrived. We sat and talked for an hour or so before leaving for lunch. She regaled me with a story I totally feel needs to be revealed here. My girlfriend (we shall call her Amy for privacy reasons) loves to hunt and fish and she is totally outdoorsy. She drives a little car and has decorated it with a few pink stickers that say something along the lines of "girls hunt too." Her husband and her trade cars during the week since she gets better gas mileage than him and he travels farther to work.

Apparently he has been getting a lot of attention while driving the little car around. He has had countless men pull up aside him and rev their engines and gawk at him until they realize he is a man. And I can totally picture this happening in my mind's eye because he is burly dude with a beard and totally looks like he could beat someone's ass. Amy told me that they were thinking of buying her husband a wig and a pink shawl to see if any men would still be interested. I think that is a fantastic idea.

Anyway I need to go google some pictures of cats  study now. Men; a bit of advice if you see something on a vehicle which could denote a female is driving don't be a skeeze and try to hit on them whilst driving... you just never know when you are going to come face to face with a beefy man.

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