Friday, October 25, 2013

As white as Lord Voldemort's Face

Friday is the day of my chemistry lab. I used to loathe the class but I find the more that I go… the more I enjoy it. Prior to lab we are required to hand write all of the lab procedures in our carbon-copy paged notebooks. We then complete the experiments in class, and keep detailed record of any observations that we make in the duration. Today’s experiment involved a lot of waiting. We would add one chemical then boil it for 20-30 minutes then repeat. Things got boring.

To pass the time I got creative with my observations. I tried to take a picture to capture the essence of what I had chronicled but the combination of my iPhone camera and handwriting is terrible. So here is a verbatim taste of what I wrote (which my professor will be grading).

“…As the stir bar continues to work its magic a creamsicle milkshake consistency appears. I wonder if this will bring all of the boys to the yard. I anxiously await (not for the boys to come to the yard, for the reaction to change white as expected). Slowly the color begins to fade. I feel triumphant much like Frodo after his destruction of the one ring that rules them all .At last the solution appears as white as Lord Voldemort’s face. I have succeeded. 12:27pm.”

There is more… but reading back over it; it is not as fantastical as I had thought when I was busy penning this in my little corner. I hope my professor enjoys my break from the norm when she unknowingly comes across my moxie in her stack of lab reports… hmm… I guess we shall see. 
A friend of mine posted this on my FB wall some time ago... Oh how I love it!


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